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Brief History

Our school was established on February 13, 1913. During the Japanese regime in Taiwan, the school name was “The Affiliated Elementary School of Mandarin School of Taiwan Governor's office”. The students of the school were mainly the children of university professors, doctors, or high-ranking government officials. Even Japanese should have good family background in order to study in this school.


本校活動照片After Japan's defeat in the Second World War, our school name was changed to be “The First Civil School of Taipei Teachers School of Taiwan Governor's Office” and was taken over by R.O.C government. In 1945, it was renamed as “The Elementary School of Taiwan Provincial Taipei Girls' Teachers School”. Later, the “Teachers School” was re-organized to be the “Teachers College”, and was changed from being subordinate to Taiwan to be Taipei. The Teachers College was re-organized several times, which also caused the changing of our school name from time to time.

Our curriculum

     ESUT (Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei) is a school which has constructive and steable curriculum. Our core value is to create a comfortable study area for students, and give them more opportunities to develop their life skills. Except of national curriculum, we have our school special curriculum for students to learn different topics. ESUT is located in Zhongzheng District, which is around by many national monuments. To memorize the history of this district, our school design the curriculum with Zhongzheng District. It would be a treasure of our culture.

Mutiple School clubs

      In ESUT, we have more than 30 shool clubs for students to enhance their potential ability. Students can participate different clubs after school. School is not only an education insitution, but also an environment for every kid to embrace this world.